Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
Romana Bulgara Engleza

1.1. Demographic information in Silistra Region

Silistra Region has a population of 117.214 people (data from the National Institute of Statistics from 31.12.2012), which represents 1.6% from the population of Bulgaria and it is among the smallest regions of the country.
The demographic characteristic of the city is the continuous result of several factors and influences:

  • The continuous decrease in the number of new-borns, due to the decrease of the general birth rate and the decrease of the number of women at the procreation age;
  • The change in the family model, which implies cohabitation without the conclusion of a marriage;
  • Intensive migration, especially of young people and entire young families, that are in their active period;
  • The increase of the disproportions in the spatial distribution of the population and the depopulation processes in certain areas and vilages.

The biggest depopulation is observed in Tutrakan, Silistra and Glavinitsa municipalities.

On 01.02.2012, the population at their active age from Silistra region was of 80.017 people, which represents at little over 66% from the region’s population.
The people over the active age represent almost 20% from the region’s population, and the number of people before their active age is of 15.693 or around 14% from the population of Silistra region.
In the 15-64 age group, Silistra is the area with the highest percentage of economically inactive population - 43,1%, followed by Kardzhali - 42,6%, Vidin - 40,2%, Sliven - 40,0%.

1.2. Demographic information in Călărași County

Călărași County has a surface of 5088 km2, representing 2.1% from Romania’s  territory and it is ranked as the 28th out of 41 Romanian counties.
The County has the following territorial and administrative organisation: five cities, 50 communes and 160 villages. The County’s center (capital) is Călărași municipality. The County’s population is made up of 309.800 inhabitants (1.4% of the country’s population). Regarding their distribution, 38.6% of the population lives in the urban environment and 61.4% - in rural communities.

The dymanics of the population during 1995-2012 shows that the County’s population has reduced - from 336.176 in 01.01.1995 to 309.800 people in 01.07.2012, which means 1.4% of the country’s population. When the data from 2012 is compared with the one from the census in 18.03.2002, a decline of the population can be observed, with 14.817 inhabitants – the main reason for this phenomena is the negative population rate.



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