Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
Romana Bulgara Engleza

Consultancy services

Consultancy regarding the intellectual property. Consultancy and support when concluding agreements with local and regional authorities.

The protection of intellectual property is very important for any business. Very often, it is not given the attention needed by the business people when starting their activity, which can lead to serious pronlems even when closing a company. The consultancy for intellectual property offers information abpit the varipous methods for intellectual protection and also about the best suited method for a particular case.

Consultancy and collaboration for settling agreements with local and regional authorities

Upon starting a business, a business man can have difficulties in establishing contacts with local and regional authorities for the fulfilment of his business-related obligations.

Making the business plan

The business plan is the base of any good business. It comes in the help of the business person, allowing him/her to clarify some aspects (internal and external) related to his business. Besides that, it can be an indicator for potential investors who could assume part of the risk, if they would be convinced that the idea can be exploited and there is potential. Offering this type of consultancy is essential for business people. 

Counseling and consultancy for the import/export of merchandise which needs special control for the special state authorities.

This service is proposed with the purpose to stimulate the development of business in the border area and expanding across the borders. It is practically oriented to really sustain the making of business partnerships in the border region and it must cover the base of norms of both Danube countries. In order to apply this service, the specific needs of the client company’s are being identified. The subsequent steps include orientation and counseling for the further actions of the client company, in order to solve the specific case. If necessary, it is possible to be guided to another institution and/or capable specialist.

Consultancy in the field of commercial law

This type of consultancy is meant to regulate the status of companies and their relationships in the process of fulfilling their business actions. The consultancy can be oriented towards the following aspects: regulation object, business law principles, business law sources, business law subjects, business activities, business transactions, etc.

Credit opportunities

It offers counselling regarding the possible relevant business credit sources. At present, there is a large variety of credit facilities offered by banks and other financial institutions, so that adequate orientation of the business is crucial. This service represents the most often used mean for obtaining funds from business people in order to start one’s own business.  

The possibility to apply for EU projects and programs 

European projects represent an attractive subject for any business person. For many companies, it represents another great uncertainty, and most of the time, these don’t manage to orient intro a variety of financing options. For a successful candidacy, the specific skills and adequately oriented informations are needed.
The information about the programs should be available to the clients at the center, as it also has to be able to offer qualified counselling and guidance regarding the evaluation process and metholodology of projects for a certain program (in order to evaluate the chances of success). One must pay attention to the key problems and the possible ‘traps’, not only dueing the preparation of documents and applications, but in the entire implementation process of the project in the future, in the reference and in the assurance regarding the sustainablility of the results.

Management systems

The service’s purpose is to help companies and business people from the border area, by putting into application different management systems which abide the internationally recognised standards. In order to ensure this service, the client’s specific needs must be identified. Then, a standard is chosen to correspond in the best way with the client’s needs. Detailed information about the particuliarity of certain management standards and about the practical orientation for their application, must be supplied to the client. When necessary, clients can be redirected to other institutions or other specialists.

Consultancy services with GS1 services

GS1 is an international leader organisation which develops and implements standards and solutions for improving efficiency in the demand and supply chain in different industries from around the world. The official representative for Bulgaria for GS1 is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Bulgaria. Activities for the introduction, development and control of putting into application of the GS1 standards at a national level are being applied by GS1 Bulgaria, as Council at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Bulgaria. The center can collect information about GS1 and it can lead the clients towards the official representative of GS1. This will increase the level of informing the business people regarding this subject.

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