Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
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Consultancy services

Consultancy and assistance in making external contacts and in the international correspondence

The service is designed to support the cross-border cooperation and development, in order to assist the companies in the interaction and communication process with the foreign companies, assistance in preparing and developing the international correspondence, in accordance with the accepted business styles and etiquette. The technical implementation of the service includes: the preparation of studies in relation to the announcement / offer, elaborating one’s own offer, support for the preparation of international agreements and of the terms and conditions, translations and sending the correspondecen in different languages – English, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc. If necessary, the aid of an attorney and/or a translator.

Financial and accounting consultancy


The purpose of this service is to stimulate the business activity in the border region regarding the financial accounting problems in the border region, supporting the companies that wish to operate on the opposite side of the Danube, alone or in a partnership.
The technical implementation of the service includes assistance and support in preparting various accounting documents. The themes for which clients can receive consultations are: Accounting and control; Taxing, social security and labour law; The management and planning of the cash flows; optimising and managing the tax obligations; Preparing the tax statements; Depending on the client-company’s needs, it should be able to supply information regarding the financial accounting characteristics from the other side of the Danube. If necessary, cooperation and assistance will be seaked by the authorised or externalised authorities.

Consultancy regarding the business financing options         

This service is ensured to assist the companies from the border region in concluding agreements with potential investors. It must offer to the client’s valuable information regarding the financing sources from both the sides of the Danube.
Upon applying this service, it is necessary to identify the specific needs of the client’s company. Based on that, by using the center agreements, the internal and external business expertise from the border area, the information regarding the financial resources will be supplied, among which there can be state aids, EU subsidies, risk capitals, business partnerships, etc. The client-companies will be consulted regarding the caracteristics of the existing programs, the conditions and deposition terms. The clients must be granted assistance for establishing agreements with other financing sources, the companies from the border region will be consulted regarding the good presentation of their business ideas to potential investors.
Depending on the clients’ requests, the consultancy can take place at the center or online, through electronic communication - email, Skype, telephone, etc.

Consultancy and counseling regarding the exterior trade regime; Consultancy and counselling regarding the preferential trade agreements that Bulgary is taking part; Consultancy and counselling regarding the import/export of goods that are verified by the specialised state authorities

This service is offered to stimulate the development of business in the border region and its development outside the state borders. The business should be oriented in a practical manner and support the application of business partnerships in the border region, and they also have to abide the present regulation framework from both sides of the Danube. In order to apply this service, it is necessary to identify the specific needs of the client-company. There is the need to study the concrete cases. After the clarification of all the circumstances, follows the study of the present regulation framework which should apply in this case. The subsequent steps include the orientation and counseling for additional actions of the client-companu, in order to solve the specific case. If necessary, it is possible for them to be transmitted to another authority and/or authorized specialist.

Consultancy regarding the application of management systems


The purpose of the service is to aid the companies from the border region in applying the different management systems which would respect the internationally recognised standards, like ISO and EMAS.
Uppon the application of this service, it is necessary to identify the specific needs of the client company. Then, a standard corresponding to a great extent to the client’s needs will be chosen. In the consultancy process, it is necessary to present to the client-company detailed information about the particuliarity of a certain management standard and the practical orientations for its application.
If necessary, it is possible for it to be oriented towards another authority and/or authorised specialist.

Consultancy regarding the Health and Safety in Labour

The purpose of the service is to support the companies from the border region in applying safe and healty labour conditions.
Upon the application of this service, it is necessary to identify the specific needs of the client-company. In order to apply this service, it is necessary to create a data base with a legal framework regarding Health and Safety in Labour.
The consultancy can include subjects like: Health and Safety in the workplace; the risk evaluation requirements and procedures; risk evaluation principles and methods; direction for reducing and eliminating risk; factors from the workplace environment, which can present risks; Periodically measuring the environment factors, the work factors, etc. adapted to the client-company’s specific needs. If a client’s case it much more specific, assistance from competent authorities or internal specialist should be required.

Consultancy regarding the intellectual property

The purpose of this type of consultancy is to support the companies from the boarder region regarding the intellectual property. The protection of intellectual property is very important of any business. It is essential for applying new business ideas and introducing new products. The consultancy regarding intellectual property provides the supply of information concerning different methods of intellectual protection, which are the most appropriate for each case.
It is necessary to have an updated data base and have information supplied by experts in the field of intellectual property. Moreover, various informative materials and guides can be offered for the verification of site belonging to different licensing institutions and associations (at a national and European level).

Consultancy in the field of business law

This type of consultancy is designed to regulate the legal status of the companies and the traders regarding the business process. This type of consultancy should be adapted for the border region and it should be able to be supplied in English, Bulgaria and Romanian;
The following themese can be important aspects of consultancy: an object which is the subject of regulation, business law principles, business law sources, business law subjects, trading activities, trading transactions etc.

Consultancy services for GS1

GS1 is an international leading organisation which develops and implents the standards and solutions for improvinf efficiency in the chain for supplu and demand from different industries around the world. The official representative in Bulgaria for GS1 is the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Introduction, development and control activities for applying the GS1 standards at a national level is made by GS1 Bulgaria, acting as Council at the Bulgarian Commercial Bank.  
The center can collect information about GS1 and lead the clients towards the official GS1 representative. This will increase the level of awareness of business people regarding this subject.

Consultancy and assistance for establishing agreements with the local and regional authorities

For a business man, it can be difficult to contact the local and regional authorities in order to conform to the regulations regarding the management of his business. The lack of accurate information related to the obligations can lead to delays in executing different tasks. It is important to have a place where there is information about every institution and the concrete measures for setting up a business-related procedure. A short synthesis on paper and/or on electronic suppor would ease the making of this service. This information must pe updated periodically. The consultancy is based on the business person’s problems and concentrates on his/her needs.  

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