Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
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Consultancy services

The characteristics of the workforce market from Bulgaria and Romania           

There will be consulted regarding the particuliarities of the workforce market fron Bulgaria and Romania, in order to support the cross-border cooperation in the field of human resources.
Making commercials, information bulletins, announcements or other means of information for the interested beneficiaries; there will be studies made for the professions that are required in those regions and the available jobs from the cross-border area will be published.
The studies will be made by experts which will consult the beneficiaries.

Determining the professional qualities and skills – tests

The qualities and the skills of the workforce or of the individuals will be identified with the help of tests prepared by specialists.
Making contacts with experts in the field of personal qualities and of professional skills; preparing for the tests; determining the data for the test; making commercials, information bulletin, advertising or other means for informing the interested beneficiaries; practical testing.

Carreer development


The purpose of this service is to help people of all ages in the development steps of their career, because most of the time, these decisions are accompanied by hesitations, insecurity or people need additional information.

The guidance will be put into practice by a career development specialist. In order for it to be efficient, the guidance must comprise the following subjects: understanding the needs, employment, evaluation, taking decisions, action plan.

Building a contacts network and possible fields of achievement

A data base of coordinates and the fields of activity of the appropriate companies for identifying the achievement areas is created with the help of a technical assistant.

Opportunities for acquiring new skills and professional reconversion

The purpose of this service is to offer guidance to the beneficiaries from an expert, about what qualification and about the opportunities of acquiring a new qualification. Also, the expert should supply information regarding the existing professional training centers.
Promotion, making the informational bulletin, advertisments or othe meand of informing interested beneficiaries; building a data base with the professional training centers. The counselling will be made individually.

Opportunities for registering in occupational organisations

The people that develop independent activities or that are free-lancers need to register in occupational associations in order to defend their interests.
The membership in these organisations has most of the times a positive impact on the professional development of these specialists and on the extension of their small businesses.
In order to supply this service, it is necessary to make a list of possible occupational organisations, where the client can register. This list should be adapted to the special needs of the client and it should be able to be supplied in English, Bulgarian and Romanian. It is best that this list includes organsations from both sides of the Danube.

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