Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
Romana Bulgara Engleza

Informational services

The economic profile of the region

Making an analysis of the region and elaborating a document that can offer detailed information about the strong and weak points of the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria, the perspective and threats. An important element of the profile is the description of the economic characteristics and of its particuliarity, which supports the integration of businesses in the local business environments.
Offering information on paper and/or on an electronic support for anyone that wants to initiate a business in the cross-border region. Making a clear presentation of the potential advantages and disadvantages in the Romanian and Bulgarian part of the cross-border region. In order to be adequate, this profile shall be annually updated.

Legislation (documents)

The collection of legal documents related to the way in which one can start a business. Suppluing the texts, the forms and documents that each business person must have. Knowing the income tax for physical persons, the income tax for physical persons for work relationships, expenses taxes, the VAT law, profit tax, local taxes and fees. Informations for different types of tax exemptions. Offering agreement examples for different types of agreements (accounting services and consultancy agreement, distribution agreement, supply agreement, short-term services agreement, processing agreement, loan agreement, sale agreement, etc.). Internal Regulation and Ethical code examples. Offering updated information regarding the Health and Safety in Labour.

Dominant culture and religion    

Upon entering on a new market (in another country), it is very important to know the character of the population, the business environment, the company’s/organosation’s culture. The study of these characteristics allows the preparation of an appropriate strategy for entering the market from the country of the client’s company.

Offering reports about the companies or the potential partners

Offering reports about the companies or the potential partners; This service also offers the possibility to search for complete information about a certain company depending on different key words – names, coordinates, main field of activity, as well as collectiong information about the behavior/activity of the company based on references from the Chambers of Commerce or other organisations from the cross-border region. It is oriented towards companies and enterprises that wish to receive specific information about the business collaboration opportunities in the cross-border region.

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