Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
Romana Bulgara Engleza

Logistics and organisation services

Press conference organisation

The purpose of the service is to support border region companies in planning and preparing press conferences.
The specialized assistance in organizing this kind of events will allow the promotion of the client-company, of its achievements and products that will be promoted by the local, and also national and cross-border media. In turn, this is the key to building a good corporative image with positive implications for the future development of the company.
In order to apply this service, it is necessary to establish specific objectives, as well as the demands and needs of the client-company. The best period for the event should be established based on them. The next step is chosing the place where the press conference should take place. It can be organized at the client-company’s headquarters, if it has proper spaces or if it should promote a new equipment or product. In other cases, there should be easily accessible spaces, sufficient for a press conference, which would correspond with the financial capacities of the client-company.
The last step of the service is making a schedule and establishing the list of participants. If necessary, catering services will also be supplied by a specialized company. Next is the sending of the invitations to the already-established people – physical persons, companies, media and institutions from the border region. We also recommend to write a press statement. During the cofference, simultaneous translation for the foreign guests will be ensured.

Taking part at the organisation of specialised business forums, meeting and company presentations

The purpose of this service is to help border region companies in taking part and preparing for special business events, meetings and company presentations.
Regardless if the client-company is the organizer or just a participant at this event, the characteristics of the region require specialized aid.
The features of this service’s technical accomplishments vary, depending on the particularity of the event and if the client-company is an organized or a participant. Thus, the first step is consulting with the beneficiary of the service, as well as establishing specific objectives and needs. At business and meetings forums, the client-company must have information regarding the place of the event, the means of transport and the time necessary for transport, etc. For events and business negotiations which last more than a day, it is necessary to ensure accommodation near the event for the client-company’s representatives and to fulfil the company’s price requests and preferences. If necessary, translation will be insured. In the preparation process of the corporative presentation, it is necessary to know the wanted results from the beginning.
Next is the collection of necessary information of the photographic images and their processing into an appropriate form. If necessary, you can ask for the help of a specialized PR or an advertising agency for preparing the promotion and information fliers and the posters.

Assistance in organising and taking part at fairs

It is necessar for the companies to promote their own products and/or services. One of the nest ways in doing this is taking part on fairs. On the other side, the organisations that hold this kind of events would better benefit from a partnership in the development of this kind of events.
Creating a data base with periodical training courses. For companies that wish to participate at this kinds of events, this service will be provided along with carification courses for preparing such an important event.

The assistance of the beneficiaries must be made in accordance with the center’s capacity.

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