Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross - border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District - Calarasi County
Romana Bulgara Engleza

Logistics and organisation services

Assistance for organising and participating at fairs      

For business people, it is important to be able to advertise their products and/or services. One of the best ways of doing that is participating at fairs. On the other side, this service could be more efficient for the organisations that organise this type of events, if this is done in a partnership.
Creating a data base with periodical expositions in development.
For those that want to participate at these events, trainings will be organized with the purpose of preparing them for this type of important events.

Traingin - listing

Every business person needs different types of training. The training plays an important key role in the accumulation of additional skils.

It is necessary to ensure the basic and specialised training:
The training should be made in the following fields: financial resources (Part 1. Self-financing; Part 2. Financing with attracted capital), developing the business plan (Part 1. Introduction; Part 2. Sector analysis; Part 3. Marketing plan; Part 4. Production plan; Part 5. Organisation plan; Part 6. Financial plan; Part 7. Risk evaluation), Marketing (1. The essence, the functions and the tasks of marketing. The marketing approach; 2. Market and marketing policies; 3. The marketing mix; The product’s life cycle; 10. The marketing distribution of the price; 11. The essence of the distribution; 12. The essence of promotion), management (Management theories; management characteristics; The essence and characteristics of management; The evolution of management practices; Internal environment of the organisations, External environment, etc), intellectual property rights’ protection (1. The nature of the intellectual properties and its place in the national legal system. The unsubstantial nature of intellectual property assets; 2. The international legal protection sources of intellectual property. The World Intellectual Property Organisation, etc.) and others. We recommend that the themes are grouped into modules.

Taking part at the organisation of specialised business affairs, meetings and business presentations

The purpose of this service is to help the companies from the border region to take part at and to prepare business affairs, meetings and company presentations. If the client-company is the organiser or just a participant to this event, the characteristics of the region impose the need for a specialised support. 
The particuliarities on the technical implementation of this service varies depending on the event’s speciality and if the client-company is the organizer or a mere participant. The first step is consulting the beneficiary of the service and establishing objective and specific needs. On business forums and meetings, the client-company should be supported with information regarding the location of the event and the time needed for transportation. For business events and negotiations which are more than a day long, it is necessary to ensure the accommodation at a hotel for the client-company’s representatives, near the place of the event, which can fulfil the company’s demands and preferences regarding the price. If necessary, translation will also be provided. In the preparation process of the company’s presentation, it is first of all necessary to establish the wanted results following the presentation. Then there is the collection of necessary information and images, as well as their processing into a more adequate form. If necessary, the help of a specialized PR or of an advertising agency can be requested, for the preparation of advertisments, leaflets and posters. 

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